miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017

Pasta with zucchini Pesto

Hi! Today I cooked something fast, easy and tasty. I took the recipe from an Italian recipe book but I will translate it for you.

Pasta with Zucchini Pesto Sauce


3 Zucchini 
2 tbs ricotta
2 tbs pine seeds
1 tbs parmigiano 

How to proceed:

1° Wash and cut the edges of the Zucchini. Cut them in half, long side. 

2° On a pot,  put salted water to boil.  And then add the Zucchini,  leave it boiling for 15 minutes. 

3° Meanwhile,  take  other pot and put water to boil the pasta you like.  Usually for this kind of sauce you can use tortellini, I used this shells. 

4° When the Zucchini are ready,  pass them trough the blender, then pour in the puree salt, the parmigiano,  the pine seeds, and the ricotta.  Finish beating on the blender. 

5° Once you have your pasta ready, dry it and add ghe sauce. You can use one of the pots to mix the pasta with the sauce easily.  Then serve in a plate and decorate with some more pine seeds and parmigiano. ENJOY!  

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