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Tortilla de patatas rellena

Today we are going to learn how to prepare a Tortilla de patatas staffed with lettuce,onion,tuna and mayo.
This one here is a very typical tapa from any reguon of Spain, in some places they like to leave less cooked in the inside. I have yo say that the original ond is made of eggs, potatotes and oil. Some people like too fill it witb other ingredients like the most used is onion, maybe also greenpeppers or chorizo. My preferences? Almost raw from the inside and filled with onion and greenpeppers FYI.
And you can have  it anytime, breakfast, lunch, as a snack.



4 potatotes,medium size
4 eggs
Evo oil 
1 can of tuna
Lettuce, just 2 or 3 leaves

How to proceed:

1° Peel the potatotes, wash them and cut them in little cubes.

2° In a medium size frying pan pour oilve oil enough to deep fry. Start the heat medium-high and deep fry the potatoes. Don't  over cook them, as later they will be back on the heat.

3° Put the potatoes in a large bowl and add them salt.

4° In a small bowl, whisk the eggs. Then, add them to the potatoes and mix.

5° In a medium  frying pan, it is important that is a non stick one, put 2 tablespoons of oil and then pour the mix with the potatoes and the eggs. Low heat.  In less than 10 minutes it's  going to be done one side.

6° We are going to flip  it down, so take a dish, the same size as the pan, an put it on top of it like if you wanted to close it whit a lit. Now with one hand grab the handle and with the other hand place it on the middle of the  dish and turn it over. Now put what you have on the dish  onto the pan, to cook it both sides. Leave like 10 more minutes or until you see it's  already cooked.

7° Leave it cool down around 30 minutes. Meanwhile, wash and cut in little pieces thd lettuce and the onion, put them in a bowl, thenn add the tuna and the mayo.

8° Now take a thin and long  knife and open the tortilla in half. Fill it with the  mix of lettuce,onion,tuna and mayo.

You can cut them in triangles and you just did your Tapa de tortilla   

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